Flight Log simulation for tablet Ver 01 Jan 2018
JpRNavMaster pour tablette en FRANÇAIS    Full Version
SEARCH Module Airfield, RNav... on Code   Name   Auto  
FLIGHT LOG Module: ENTER on DIFFERENT LINES your cross-country flight on the navigation box below)
On tablet: to scroll vertically in the navigation box, leave you finger pushed some seconds => Magnifying glass
and place it at the top or at the bottom of the box. Desactivate auto correction (cross) or use UPPER CASE.
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You can optionally CUSTOMIZE your Flight Log to meet your OWN PREFERENCES. Speed field is required (Def.:100 kts)
Date   Pilot/Crew Navigation Name
Aircraft Registration Cost per hour /h 
Speed kts  Consumption l/h  Fuel in tanks liters
    Flight Log detail    
Limits of this light version of JpRNavMaster for tablet: This light version only works with the following units: Kt, Liter, Kg, Euro and fuel of AVGAS type. Default values fuel burn are used for taxiing, integration and additional spare. The wind effect is NOT calculated.
>>> Warning: this software should be only used for SIMULATION <<< Update SIA:22-02-2024 
This site uses COOKIES to memorize all your parameters and your last navigation